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Buy cannabis seeds in Louisana

Louisiana is a bustling state known for its diverse cultural heritage. The state’s natural subtropical climate makes it excellent for producing tropical cannabis strains outdoors. Growing cannabis indoors, however, means you’re not limited by the strain type as long as you can provide adequate lighting for the required period. United Seeds analyzes all the seed strains to assure 99 percent germination before sending them out. 

To purchase, you can navigate through the site and follow the instructions to proceed with your order and learn more about the shipping details. If you’re looking for a trustworthy supplier, opt for United Seeds, a fast-growing seed-breeding company in the US that offers high-quality seeds.

Is It Legal to Use Cannabis Seeds In Louisiana?

Marijuana usage for recreational purposes is prohibited by state law, despite having recently been decriminalized. Louisiana has legalized the purchase of marijuana plants and seeds, which is great news for users who like to cultivate their supply of cannabis. 

Although there are currently no medical marijuana stores in Louisiana, you can purchase high-quality marijuana seeds online through our website at United Seeds. Our online store offers a diverse choice of excellent feminized and auto-flowering seeds to meet your requirements.

Destinations for Seed Deliveries in Louisiana

United Seeds is known for its excellent delivery services across different cities in Louisiana. Below are some of the leading cities where we provide our shipments:


  • New Orleans
  • Shreveport
  • Metairie
  • Lafayette
  • Monroe
  • Alexandria
  • Lake Charles

Why United Seeds?

Choose United Seeds if you want to protect your investment and create a green atmosphere of cannabis plants in your backyard or home. United Seeds is known across different states due to its quick delivery services, high-quality strains, and friendly customer service. 

At United Seeds, we ensure that our customers and prospects are well-informed about various seed strains. The strain’s quality, growing suggestions, and medical conditions are all specified on the packaging. You’ll also get information on the genetics of the seed, THC content, and other aspects.

Contact our representatives about product rates, delivery timing, and other important details when placing your order for a particular seed strain on our website. 

Cannabis Seed Strains

United Seeds offers a diverse range of seed strains, with over 500 different types. Each strain provides a distinctive flavor and aroma with varying psychoactive effects.

Fruity Pebbles

With a THC content of 20% and a blend ratio of 60I/40S, Fruity Pebbles is preferable for indoor and outdoor plantations. However, the lighting effects should be proper when planting indoors. This strain offers a short germination process and quickly converts into a mature plant. 

Great White Shark 

This particular strain is one of the most used seeds on the market, with high psychoactive effects. It offers a distinctive black, brown, and grey shade with a wax-like coating. Its blend ratio is 75I/25S and has a THC content of 16%.

American Haze

American Haze offers a blend ratio of 20I/80S and a THC content of 24%. The seeds provide a quick imbibition process and short dormancy periods. 



Other varieties include Moby Dick CBD, Cinderella 99, and Mazar. 

Which Are the Best Marijuana Seeds for Delivery?

United Seeds offers more than 500 superior marijuana seed strains harvested, stored, and delivered in airtight containers. The seeds are kept safe from oxidation and remain fresh till the germination and plantation periods. Some of the best marijuana seeds are feminized seeds, auto-flowering kinds, and three available high-CBD medical strains.

Delivery and Packaging 

United Seeds offers some of the best packaging and delivery experience across Louisiana. Our orders are always on time and will be shipped to your doorstep discreetly. Contact our sales representative to learn about any changes in time schedules. Also, you can provide us with feedback for improving our services even more. 

Key Takeaway

United Seeds is a growing brand known across the United States with more than 500 seed strains. Apart from Louisiana, we provide shipments in other states too. If you want to know more about cannabis seeds, navigate further through the website. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to store marijuana seeds?
  1. Keeping cannabis seeds in a secured place, away from air and humidity, is critical. If they come in touch with external elements, they will lose their germination strength and become unusable. So, keep them in airtight containers till you don’t carry out the germination process. 

Weed seeds should be kept in a cold, dark place. Make sure they’re stored at 3 to 7 degrees Celsius. The airtight feature will keep any moisture from getting near the weed seeds. If it happens, then germination would take place. Put the weed seeds in a well-sealed zipper bag, away from light and moisture. You can keep your prized seeds in good condition for ten years or more. 


Q. Why do seeds need to be germinated?

Germination is a basic seed sprouting process that works in complete darkness with a bit of moisture around. Alternatively, if you want to enhance the possibilities of your seeds germinating, you should do so in a controlled atmosphere. The simplest method is to place them in a petri dish with moistened cotton, water, and a petri dish (or just any kind of container). You can also buy a germination kit online.


Q. What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds for sale, the Indica variety is your best bet. These strains are known for their increased yields. Short and thick leaves characterize these strains. The user will find this cannabis type to be quite calming. On the other hand, Sativa strains produce energizing effects and grow higher than their counterparts with longer, thinner leaves.


Q. Which strains have the best yields?

The growth conditions and germination process determines the yield. The finest harvests come from seeds that have been provided proper light and fertilizer. Nonetheless, the power plant and the white widow strains have produced high yields.

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