Cannabis seeds in Nevada

Cannabis Seeds in Nevada

Cannabis Seeds in Nevada
Cannabis Seeds in Nevada

Did you know consuming cannabis has a lot of pharmaceutical benefits for a person? For this reason, many governments have legalized not only the consumption of cannabis but have also made the cultivation of the plant legal. If you are a citizen of Nevada and are thinking of growing cannabis, United Seeds is the best place to land.

Do citizens have permission to grow cannabis privately in Nevada?

Some states in the US still haven’t legalized the growing of cannabis in

households. However, the citizens of Nevada need to rest assured as it is completely legal to grow cannabis in your homes.

However, some things must be taken care of. Cannabis can only be grown by an adult aged 21 or above. Moreover, only six plants per person are allowed but one household cannot grow more than twelve plants. Make sure you abide by the rules and then grow your plant freely.

Which cannabis seed strains are the best for growing IN NEVADA?

American Haze:

The first cannabis seed strain on the list is American Haze. It is relatively easy to grow but has quite a long flowering time. It takes almost 10-12 weeks to fully mature, which is quite long compared to other strains. Its taste is sweet and has a medium touch of herbs as well.

As far as its effect is concerned, it is quite strong. It is good for daytime use as it keeps a person energized for the whole day and is very productive, as a result. This plant is used by those who take excessive stress and are dealing with depression. In addition, this seed strain is also very helpful to cure moderate amounts of pain.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer can be called the face of all cannabis seed strains as it has set a benchmark for all the other seeds. It has quite a few awards as the best cannabis seed strain and is a consumer favorite.It has a lot of medical benefits as well. It is used by many consumers to cure headaches, migraines, and anxiety. For recreational users, it sets a motivating, strong, and energizing tone for the whole day. However, at the end of its effect, it leads to some calming effects.

The best part about these seeds is that they are convenient to grow. They are suitable or both outdoor and indoor growing conditions. The Jack Herer takes almost 9 weeks to germinate, which is a normal flowering time.

Master Kush

 The best part of the Master Kush seed strain is that it has the least amount of flowering time amongst the seeds in this list, which is three weeks. It has a strong, earthy, and herbal aroma which elevates a person’s consciousness.

As far as the hit is concerned, the initial high is quite strong and can be felt for some hours after its consumption. After it has reached its full growth potential, the plant turns hard and branchy and is not subject to any stretches.

What does United Seeds specialize in?

United Seeds are known for selling high-quality, premium cannabis seeds. They are known for having an enormous range of about 500 cannabis seed strains. The large variety helps to cater to every customer’s choice and preference.

United Seeds has a fully trained team of professional individuals who help to research and develop each seed strain. They ensure that each product has reached the standard set by United Seeds.

Shipping Information

The delivery of cannabis seeds can be a problem for a lot of people. The seeds can get damaged while being delivered and it is often unsafe to deliver such products. However, there is no need to worry as United Seeds has everything under control.

We assure you that your parcel will be delivered to you on the time given to you by the company. Our delivery team has been instructed to deliver at your doorstep and provide a risk-free delivery service. Our products are packaged in such a way that the product will neither break nor bend nor get damaged.


If you are a resident of Nevada and are looking to grow cannabis seeds, what are you waiting for? Go to our website as soon as possible and research all the amazing seed strains available. Decide about which seed strain will be the best for you. Growing a plant yourself is an amazing experience, therefore, make sure you do not miss it. Order the seed now and start growing!

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