How to Germinate Seeds in 8 Simple Steps

marijuana seeds germination

Germination is one of the pivotal steps in producing a healthy-looking cannabis plant. Irrespective of the seed strain, this process can take place indoors and outdoors; it depends on the cultivator as to which process they like to use. Generally, marijuana seeds are germinated indoors for better chances of seed survival. 

A cannabis seed may not germinate for several reasons, such as improper handling, inadequate storage, and ill-advised procedures. When you purchase your seeds from a reputable breeder, like United Seeds, it is evident that you need to know the entire germination process inside out. 

Easy Steps to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

After going through this process, you will understand how germination takes place, what conditions you need to consider, and how cannabis seeds can mature into a perfect plant.

Cannabis seeds germination

Step 1: Preparation

It’s time to be ready when you receive your seeds from the breeder. Customers in the US rarely have to wait longer than a week for delivery because we distribute the seeds across the country.

You must have the following equipment ready for step one:

  • Printed towels
  • Tweezers
  • Distilled or bottled water
  • Two dinner plates
  • Cannabis seeds


Step 2: Build the Environment

 In this step, you must wet a few paper towels and squeeze out any extra water. This will produce the ideal environment for cannabis seeds to sprout. Also, it would be best to keep the place warm, moist, and dark. 

Step 3: Crafting the Bed

You must place one of your wet paper towels on a plate in step three. As much of the plate as you can be covered by pulling it nice and flat. If extra water is on the plate, gently tip it off to double-check the moisture levels.

Step 4: Adding the Seeds

Carefully plant your marijuana seeds on the paper towel using the tweezers, making a space about an inch apart. Depending on the plate size, you may easily germinate a whole pack of marijuana seeds in one shot. Germinate your marijuana seeds in tiny quantities. People have busy lives, so it’s easy to forget about your seeds when they’re germinated.

Step 5: Tucking Your Seeds In

The fifth step is to bury your seeds. Take the second paper towel and align it with the other towel’s location over your seeds. Pour a little water over the top towel and ensure that the bed is moist but not overflowing. 

Step 6: Remove Excess Water

This is a straightforward yet crucial step. Check to see whether there is any standing water underneath the paper towels by gently lifting them. If so, only tip off the extra water rather than the entire dish. 


Step 7: Make A Chamber And Monitor The Seeds

The second plate should be taken and set on top of the seeds. This provides an unrefined but efficient incubation chamber that is damp, dark, and warm; all in all, a perfect condition for your marijuana seeds. 

Put it somewhere cozy and dim, like a cabinet or drawer. Keep an eye on your cannabis seeds and ensure they never dry out. Though some seeds can take up to five days, most germinate between 24 and 48 hours. You can throw away any seeds that don’t sprout after 120 hours.


Step 8: Get Ready for Plantation

 A great conclusion to a simple process of germinating cannabis seeds. Nothing difficult or expensive. Peeling back the paper towel in this stage will reveal popped seeds and taproots that are prepared to be planted in the substrate of your choice.

weed seeds germination

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do we need to germinate cannabis seeds?

A. To create a sapling out of the seed, it is necessary to germinate it. The process is simple and effective; all you need is a plate, a spray bottle filled with water, a couple of paper plates, and tweezers. Germination occurs in a dark and dry room because light can hamper the process and cause the seed to stay dormant. 

Also, it enhances the likelihood that the seeds will germinate successfully when you allow them to start in a controlled environment. There is a good chance that some seeds won’t grow when you plant them in the ground without first allowing them to germinate.


Q. Can cannabis seeds germinate in the light?

A. A cannabis seed must be in dark conditions to germinate, as exposing it to light will prohibit the process and eventually stay non-germinated. Or, cannabis seeds that are in the process of germinating will lose their stored nutrients if they are exposed to light or go through an environmental shift. 


Q. When do we need to germinate cannabis seeds (outdoors)?

A. You can sow your marijuana seeds outdoors when the Spring season commences or following the last frost. Germination schedules are, however, included in the pack of cannabis seeds. Before establishing a strong seedling outside for the growing season, we suggest you germinate the cannabis process indoors.


Q. Can white cannabis seeds germinate?

A. White-colored marijuana seeds are usually immature for germination. However, you can check them to see if they will germinate or not. However, if you purchase cannabis seeds from a renowned seed breeder, like United Seeds, you will receive only high-quality seeds that will ensure 90% germination rates. 

Key Takeaway! 

Germination is a simple and easy process and can be done by novices and experts. The paper towel method is the most convenient of all the other processes, as it requires minimal materials and ends in a specific number of days. 

This process is necessary for the cannabis plant to grow into a healthy and mature one as it generates a sapling that you can use to plant indoors or outdoors. It will then take the shape of a cannabis plant. 

So, if you want to become a cannabis cultivator and purchase marijuana seeds online, explore United Seeds, one of the most reputed companies in America, with the world’s biggest inventory of cannabis seeds, offering over 500 different strains, each with its characteristics and properties.   

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