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New favorite strain

This is my new favorite strain. I pray it doesn't disappear

Old Taste

Probably some of the best I've ever smoked. Picked up recently from dispensary, pretty rare and first time trying after years of smoking. Absolutely blown away, definitely stocking up next time I see it.

I will be buying again

Easy to germinate and fast growing healthy genetic

Relaxing Experience

The Black Widow Seeds are some of the lightest and up-lifting seeds you will find. The reason these plants are so light is that they have a high percentage of Indica genetics. This means that they will provide you with a very relaxing and sedating experience. These strains are perfect for conversations and activities that don’t require a lot of focus.

Black Jack Great

The Black Jack cannabis seeds are a decent high. They produce a great day indoors with some Netflix. The buds are smooth and dense, providing a great experience.

Unique smell

As a cannabis consumer, you are likely familiar with the many different types of strains and flavors that are available on the market. However, there is one type of cannabis that may be new to you: Black Dominia Fast Version. This strain is known for its dense nugs and great euphoric head high with a little body. The unique smell of this strain is what makes it so intriguing.

Smooth & Tasty

There is just something about G13 Feminized Cannabis Seeds that puts me in a wonderful headspace. They are smooth and tasty, and the dreamy quality is really nice. I can't get enough of them!

I like this

10/10 for me. I play for a band and when I smoke Black domina, it's like I feel the music harder. This strain is one of my new favorites. When I'm smoking Black domina, I can really feel the beat of the music in my veins and it makes me want to keep playing even more! The high is intense and very euphoric, making it perfect for social occasions. If you're looking for a powerful strain that will help you focus and energize your mood, then Black domina is definitely worth trying out!

Black Domina

Simply put, FarWest's Black Domina autoflower cannabis seeds make me happy. This strain is a true indica powerhouse that will leave you feeling relaxed and euphoric. The potent buds are covered in dense resin and smell earthy and sweet. This strain is perfect for those seeking a relaxing evening or daytime relaxation.

Great Experience

My Dad said it was an amazing experience and that it was one of his favorite memories. Now, as an adult, I can say that he was right - it really was an amazing experience.

I recently hit myself with some feminized cannabis seeds from Black Cherry Soda. I can definitely say that this is one of my top 3 experiences in life. The high from the cannabis was unlike anything I'd ever felt before - it was absolutely incredible. And the effects lasted for hours, which is great because I didn't want the trip to end anytime soon!

I Recomended

I found this strain to be pretty good since it's a hybrid you get both a body high and a head high, after a few bowls of this I felt like i was ready for anything and I just felt all around better! I would suggest this for a big day out or a concert.


This variety is perfect for those looking for a high-quality, fast-acting cannabis strain. It can provide users with intense cerebral effects as well as an intense body high. Because of its potency, this strain is not recommended for first-timers or those new to cannabis use.


When you wake up in the morning, the first thing that comes to mind is probably getting ready for work. But if you're a fan of marijuana, then you might want to think about starting your day with some cannabis. Cannabis can give you a very nice euphoric feeling that is a great way to start the day. It's a great way to get your energy going and help you feel good throughout the day. So if you're looking for something to help start your day off right, cannabis might be a good option for you.

My Favorite, 30 year smoker.

I am a 30 year smoker of cannabis and I have to say my favorite is Green Crack Feminized Cannabis Seeds. I started smoking in high school and it was something that my friends and I would do. We would get together and smoke some weed and just have a good time. It wasn't anything serious, we just liked to get high. Over the years, I've tried a lot of different strains of cannabis, but nothing has compared to the flavor and effects of Green Crack.

World Number 1

Big Bud Fast Cannabis Seeds are a rare find in the world of cannabis seeds. These strains were created by crossing two very popular and successful cannabis varieties, Big Bud and Northern Lights. The result is a strain that is both fast-growing and extremely potent.


Grape Skunk is a new favorite in the cannabis world! This strain is so tasty, and also very strong. Got some from UCS, and I'm so happy I did! This strain is perfect for a strong night out with friends, or to just relax and enjoy a good movie.

Very Good

Very strong. just a couple of hits keep me good for a long time

5 Star

Smoked it a couple hours after some lemon kush but I’m gonna give it the benefit of the doubt because I feel like I’m in a langoliers past type of reality. 5 star

My Favorite

My all-time favorite strain. This sativa is super sticky and makes me feel like its Christmas morning ha.

Well Known Strain

Amnesia Lemon is a very well known strain that will certainly make you more positive.

Great Strain

Great strain for needing to get activities done, nice head high with nice heightened senses. great look as well.


Wow this was so awesome. I haven't felt so high in a very long time and this just amazed me.. These seeds produce some of the most intense THC levels I have ever experienced and the flavor is incredible - it's like vaping hash oil! If you're looking for a powerful, euphoric cannabis experience, look no further than Granddaddy Purple Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Hello the transaction and shipping was fantastic, but I bought 5 seeds and only 2 germinated great , but 3 are duds. Just wanted to bring this to your attention, before I give a review,


People who enjoy marijuana typically associate the smell and taste of the plant with relaxation. But for some, smoking or consuming cannabis in any form can be a way to boost their mood and feel more energetic. And there are many strains that are known to provide a mellow high. G13 Autoflower Like This.


It felt amazing, like this strain just makes me happy and very in tune with nature. I loved the high that came with it, as it was very calming and relaxing. The buds were dense and had a nice green color to them, which made them look really beautiful. I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone looking for a good way to relax and get energized at the same time.

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