Top 10 Cannabis Strains to grow in America USA

Here are our top 10 cannabis strains to grow in America USA

Looking to grow cannabis outdoors here is United Seeds’ suggestion of the top 10 cannabis strains to grow in America, USA. If you leave in Canada and which to grow outdoors you have to have the right cannabis strain. Many cannabis strains won’t have time to finish in our short Canadian summer so picking the right strain is the key to a successful outdoor harvest.

1.  Bruce Banner Fast Version

Bruce Banner is an Indica/Sativa strain that can be grown both indoors and outdoors. With 29% THC and less than 1% CBD, this strain is very potent. It is one of the problematic strains to grow that require lots of effort and care.

This marijuana strain is very sweet with pleasant notes of strawberry. Additionally, it has an earthy and flowery taste. It has a robust diesel-like aroma but with sweet and floral undertones.

Bruce Banner’s fast version has a flowering time of 6 to 8 weeks, and it is harvested in September. This plant has a substantially higher yield compared to most other strains. It can yield 21 ounces/sq—meter indoors and up to 35 ounces outdoors.

Sunny and moderate temperatures favor the growth of this strain. Providing nutrients and special care, this plant can grow up to 120 cm.

The euphoric effect produced by this strain keeps you relaxed and uplifts your mood. In addition, it boosts your energy and improves creativity side by side. It is also effective against depression, arthritis, and anxiety.

2.  Quebec Blue

By crossing Grand Daddy Purple with Blue Fire, we get a hybrid Quebec Blue, 60% Sativa, and 40% Indica. This plant grows well indoors and outdoors.

Quebec Blue is sweet. The earthy-sweet taste of this strain feels so good.

It has an indoor flowering period of eight weeks that can produce 500-600 g/sq.Meter. However, the outdoor yield is somewhere between 500 to 750 g/sq.Meter. This strain is harvested in the fall.

Quebec Blue has a very high concentration of THC, which is 23%. This much THC is enough to improve focus and keep you energized throughout the day. It keeps you relaxed and focused at the same time. Besides, it also has many medicinal benefits. Quebec Blue is therapeutic against depression, migraine, and arthritis.

You can expect this plant to grow as tall as 10 feet. It can survive in temperatures ranging from -3 to 30+ degrees.

3.  Girl Scout Cookies

This strain is highly potent and is known for its flavor and rich aroma. It has a THC and CBD concentration of 17% and 0.09%, respectively. Due to the high content of THC, the high caused by Girl Scout Cookies last longer. The best thing is that it can be grown easily both indoors and outdoors.

Just like its name, this strain gives a very sweet and delicious taste. It offers rich notes of mint and sweet lemon flavor. Girl Scout Cookies have a slightly minty, rancid, yet desert-like aroma.

It grows effectively in the Mediterranean climate with a flowering period of 9 to 10 weeks. You can harvest this strain at the end of September. Girl Scout Cookies has a medium plant height that ranges from 150 cm to 190 cm. Its outdoor yield is around 15 to 20 ounces per plant, and its indoor yield is around 10 ounces per square meter.

Since it represents both Indica and Sativa with 60% and 40% respectively, it offers soothing effects. Potent THC in this strain produces intense euphoric effects that leave the body completely relaxed and make you happy and stress-free. Other than that, it improves creativity by uplifting your mood.

4.  Blue Dream

This strain provides you with the best of both Sativa and Indica, but it is Sativa dominant. Blue Dream has a very high THC content that is 27% and up to 2% CBD. This much rich THC makes you feel more energized. This strain is capable of producing a wide range of effects. Thus, it should be taken before work to help you move to action.

This plant can be obtained by cross-breeding the two most popular strains: Haze and Blueberry. The sweetness of the parent blueberry can be obtained from Blue Dream. It gives earthy and citrusy blueberry flavors followed by spicy savors.  It has a sweet candy-like aroma with spicy notes.

Its flowering period is of nine weeks and is harvested in fall. The plant grows quite tall, with an indoor yield of twenty ounces per plant. It grows efficiently indoors. There is not much difference in the outdoor yield of Blue Dream. When grown outside, it yields more than twenty ounces per plant.

This strain can grow pretty much in every climate. It can survive cold nights quite easily. It is pretty sturdy, which means it can bear more or fewer nutrient conditions.

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain that is known to cure fatigue, anxiety, and chronic pain. You can feel the boost of energy after taking Blue Dream. It also improves creativity by promoting relaxation and reducing stress. If you are in the mood to have a rough time in the evening, Blue Dream is just the right option to have before a party.

5.  Durban Poison

Durban Poison originated from South Africa and a pure breed, which is 100% Sativa. This is a medicinal strain that is known to cure a variety of health conditions.

It has high potency and a fantastic taste. You will feel the notes of vanilla, lemon, and orange with a bit of spice. It freshens the breath with its sweet and crisp smell. It gives off a sweet aroma.

Durban Poison is harvested in Autumn, which is the end of September to early October. The flowering period of Durban Poison is 8 to 9 weeks. However, the indoor flowering period can take 14 to 16 weeks. This strain is very rich in THC which is 21% and has a CBD concentration of 1% or less. Its indoor yield ranges from 350 to 400 g/sq.meter, and its outdoor yield is around 450 to 500 g/sq.meter.

Since this strain is resilient to all types of weather, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors with a maximum height of 3 to 4 meters. However, it likes to grow in a sunny climate.

Durban Poison is good at keeping you energized all day. It can create an intense high that doesn’t tire you in any way. You feel more focused and stress-free with it. It works for potentially every ailment and is suitable for heavy exercise.

6.  OG Kush:

OG Kush is one of the most familiar and legendary strains; however, people are still unsure about its exact origin. A group claims that it is the result of a cross between the Hindu Kush and Chemdawg landrace. The antonym of “OG” also remains disputed as people alternately claim that it stands for “Original Gangster”, “Overgrown”, and “Ocean Grown.”

It has an earthy and musty scent; citrusy touch may add up to the richness of its fragrance. The buds of OG Kush have a silvery appearance because of the presence of trichomes. These buds are very sticky, and users might need to grind them up to smoke them.

OG Kush has a very high THC content, i.e., around 25-27%. The Sativa to Indica ratio is 55:45. However, the psychoactive effect makes a person gain his focus on the surroundings. It uplifts the mood causing a sense of euphoria. It is a perfect idea to smoke it before the activities that consume your mind and body, i.e., exercise, games, etc.

Indoor cultivation of OG Kush is convenient because of its small, bushy plant. Nonetheless, one can grow it outdoors at a consistent temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit as well.

7.  Blueberry:

Blueberry strain is what people also call “Berry Blue.” Claiming the Cannabis Cup 2000 of High Times for the best Indica, it is a stunning showstopper that is a cross between Thai and Purple Thai strains.

The name indicates the flavor and aroma of this fantastic strain. The fruity smell and the sweet berry-like flavor are the key features of the Blueberry strain. The keywords that we can relate to this Indica strain are “sweet” and “relaxing.” The THC content is around 25% that is enough to cause an intense and long-lasting psychoactive effect.

The buds of Blueberry are also covered with trichomes, solid and dark green. The trichomes are almost transparent, but they make the buds very sticky to touch. The sticky texture makes it difficult for people to break the bud by hand. The compact green leaves might come up with red and purple spots. These spots come up because of a pigment called anthocyanin. With an 80% Indica profile, it is the best for people with depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Nighttime usage of Blueberry Kush induces a peaceful sleep because of its highly sedative properties.

Although the Blueberry strain can be grown indoors and outdoors, indoor cultivation is recommended as outdoor growth requires local conditions. Moreover, they are easy to grow indoors because of their short and bushy plants.

8.  Purple Kush:

Purple Kush comes from the two South-Asian Central landraces, i.e., the Purple-colored Afghani strain and Hindutasting Kush strain that grows on the Pak-Afghan border. As the name indicates, it is purple that making it very eye-catching. High Time Magazine ranked it among the top 10 Kush strains in 2016. With a very pleasant taste and excellent Indica-based properties, it offers several benefits that are unmatchable.

Purple Kush has medium-sized flowers with green and purple leaves. The trichomes covering the curled flowers give its leaves a dewy, glossy look. The male plants have orange pistils to catch the pollens that enhance the overall look even more. In cold regions, the anthocyanin pigment gets activated, which is responsible for its purple tint.

Because of its relaxing and sleep-inducing Indica-like effects, people with insomnia prefer to smoke it at night. The Purple Kush caused high stays for 2-3 hours, and it helps people relieve their physical pain.

It stands out when it comes to taste like the sweet grape-like taste, and the sandalwood musk attracts more Indica enthusiasts.

People can grow Purple Kush both outdoors and indoors. The average yield is about 37 grams per square foot of plant.

9.  AK 47:

AK-47 is not what it seems from the name. Yes! It is a white-colored strain with very mellow effects. It is a cross between Thai and Afghan strains that appeared in 1992, after which it was worked upon to produce the uniform seeds. The final result was a mix of four strains that are: Afghani Indica strain, Mexico Sativa strain, Colombia Sativa strain, and Thai Sativa strain.

That’s from where we can indicate that AK-47 has a very high Sativa profile. It has Sativa-dominant features as the plants are tall and wide. The buds possess a dark yellowish-green color, and they are covered with trichomes and fine red hairs.

The Sativa content of AK-47 is about 65%, while the THC content revolves around the average range, i.e., 20%. Thus, its general effects are euphoric, peaceful, and uplifted. People use it to feel more comfortable and calm; moreover, it works efficiently against pain. However, many AK-47 users have reported dry mouth and eyes, paranoia, and dizzy feelings. Minor headaches may also come as a consequence of AK-47 consumption.

Experts grow it indoors, but it is also convenient to grow it outdoors under mild conditions.

10.  Grape Skunk:

Grape skunk is one of the most popular strains with three richly flavored strains that are:

  1. Blueberry
  2. Super skunk
  3. Grapefruit

The sweet and intense fruity flavor might make people assume that it has mellow effects, but it is a deception. Grape skunk comes up with an 85% Indica ratio that induces a powerful and instant impact. It is best to use Grape skunk at night because of its highly satisfying and relaxing effects that might leave a person unable to concentrate. Although it is very comfortable, it might not directly be sleep-inducing. It has positively numbing properties that make it ideal for people with chronic pain issues.

The THC content of Grape skunk is about 24% which lies in the normal range. It is a mix of sweet and bitter as you experience a sweet grape-like flavor as you inhale and a bitter taste as you exhale it. The aroma is that of berry, earth, and skunk.

Grape skunk buds are dark purple with frosty-colored trichomes and sienna-colored hairs.

You can grow it indoors and outdoors; however, the cultivation process might be a little bit tricky. The plant, like other Indica plants, is short and bushy.

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