What Do Cannabis Seeds Look Like?

What Do Cannabis Seeds Look Like

Cannabis seeds come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the strain, some appear almost white while others exhibit shades of brown. Some varieties even carry speckles that add texture and depth to their appearance. No matter their color or size, one thing remains constant: every seed contains within it an untold potential for growing powerful new plants. In this article, we explain what good cannabis seeds look like and what to look for to select the best seeds. 

What Do Good Cannabis Seeds Look Like?

The appearance of cannabis or marijuana seeds can vary depending on their level of maturity, but generally speaking, good-quality cannabis or marijuana seeds should be small and hard with white coloration. They should also have dark stripes that are often compared in terms of pattern to the coat of a tiger. If the seed is pale green or yellowish in color, this indicates that it is not yet fully mature and thus may not provide viable germination results.

When choosing which type of seed will best suit your needs, always remember to check for seed quality as well as appearance. Quality marijuana and cannabis seeds should feel uniform in size and shape. If there’s any variation, this could indicate an issue with the strain itself. To ensure viability during the germination process, make sure all the seeds are healthy and free from cracks or blemishes on the surface. 

What To Look For When Shopping For Marijuana Seeds

A Healthy Brown Color

When it comes to knowing what good cannabis seeds look like, there are several key factors to consider. First and foremost is the physical appearance of the seed itself. A quality healthy seed should have a uniform brown color that could be compared to a light coffee or cocoa hue. Poor-quality seeds will often appear much darker than this, sometimes even appearing almost black in color.

A second factor worth considering when trying to identify good cannabis seeds is where they were sourced from. Professional seed banks tend to offer better quality female cannabis plants with healthy seeds than random dispensaries or vendors. 

When inspecting your own collection of cannabis seeds at home, try looking closely at each one individually in a seed tray or other appropriate container before planting them into the soil. Here are some things you can check:

  • Are any of the seeds cracked open? If so, discard those immediately as they won’t germinate properly;
  • Are there any dark spots on the surface of a few of them? These may be signs of mold growth so they should also be discarded;
  • Is the color consistent among all of them? Good female seeds should have a uniform golden-brown shade across all specimens.

If everything checks out during inspection time then go ahead and plant away! Remember though that proper care must still be taken after planting in order for these little gems to grow into beautiful female marijuana plants ready for harvest down the road.

Optimal Size And Shape

Cannabis seeds come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Regular seeds are typically round or oval-shaped, while auto-flowering seeds are usually smaller and more elongated. Feminized cannabis seeds can be identified by their distinctive teardrop shape. An immature cannabis seed may appear white but as it matures its color will become brownish-green.

It’s important to look for healthy, mature cannabis seeds prior to planting them. To do so, you should first soak the seeds in clean water overnight or until they sink down to the bottom — this signals that germination has started. Pre-flowering starts when the plant enters its dark period. During this stage, fan leaves start to develop and form distinct nodes on each branch. Once flowering begins, male flowers will produce pollen which creates a yellowish hue around the female flower buds.

During the flowering period, it’s essential to pay close attention to your plants’ development as different strains require different lengths of time before being harvested. The presence of cannabis pollen from either self-pollination (regular strain) or cross-pollination (feminized strain) can indicate when harvest season has arrived! In order to prevent any unwanted breeding, it’s best to remove all male plants early into the flowering process. 

To ensure maximum success with your homegrown crop make sure your marijuana plants have access to plenty of nutrients and sunlight throughout their growth cycle. Keep an eye out for signs of nutrient deficiency such as discoloration in leaf tips and stunted growth during pre-flowering stages. 

A Waxy Sheen

When shopping for cannabis seeds, you should look for a waxy sheen. This will indicate a high-quality product with excellent potential in terms of yield and cannabinoid content when grown under optimal conditions. The best way to get these desirable qualities is by buying from reputable seed banks such as United Seeds. When storing your precious cargo, avoid extreme temperatures and always keep them sealed in an airtight glass jar or container. This precautionary measure helps ensure that the genetics are kept safe until you’re ready to sprout them indoors or outdoors.


When it comes to cannabis seeds, age matters. While the appearance of a seed may give away its maturity level, it’s important to remember that year-old seeds should be avoided if you want to yield a successful harvest. A mature seed is one that has an even waxy sheen and looks vibrant green in color. Sativa-dominant strains tend to have more rounded or oval-shaped seeds than their Indica counterparts.

The purchase of fresh cannabis seeds from reputable sources is always recommended since leftover seeds can often lead to weaker plants and result in low yields. When planting your annual plant, ensure the seed starting mix used is well draining yet rich in source materials such as perlite and vermiculite. This will help promote optimal growth during germination. Finally, keep an eye out for hermaphrodite plants which could potentially cause cross-pollination with other female plants located nearby. These are usually identified by the presence of male pollen sacs on otherwise female flowers. 

What Does The Appearance Of A Cannabis Seed Indicate?

The appearance of a cannabis seed can tell us important information about the germination rate and growth potential of the marijuana plant. The color and size of cannabis seeds vary depending on where they come from and which supplier you get them from.

Generally speaking, dark brown or black seeds tend to have higher germination rates than lighter-colored ones. However, it’s not always wise to rely solely on the color when choosing your seeds as some light-colored varieties may still give strong plants if grown in good conditions. Furthermore, larger seeds usually produce bigger plants compared to smaller ones. It’s also worth noting that some cannabis strains naturally produce larger or smaller-sized buds regardless of how big or small the seeds were initially.

Cannabis Seeds Vs. Clones

When comparing cannabis seeds vs clones, both have their advantages and disadvantages in terms of yield potential and cultivation time. With seeds, they are typically sold by reputable seed companies that guarantee freshness and quality genetics. Once received at home, growers can begin germinating the seeds within hours using a pair of tweezers or the paper towel method before planting them into containers filled with soil mix appropriate for cannabis growth.

Clones offer another great way to grow cannabis because they require less time overall than starting from seed since no germination process needs to occur first. Additionally, cloning allows a grower to preserve preferred traits such as coloration from parent plants as well as aroma and flavor profiles thanks to clones carrying over the same terpene profile found in the mother plant.

Cloning also gives control over exactly what type of strain is grown while keeping production costs low due to reusable materials like plastic containers instead of buying new pots every season. If you’re deciding between going with traditional seeds versus clones to cultivate cannabis, you should consider factors like personal preference, budget constraints, and experience level.

How To Buy Cannabis Seeds

Finding the right cannabis seed supplier can be a challenge, but it’s worth the effort if you want to cultivate marijuana plants in your home. Once you have sourced an appropriate supplier, there are several steps you should take to ensure that your cannabis seeds will germinate and grow into healthy plants.

The first step is to check the condition of the original packaging when you receive your cannabis seeds. They shouldn’t arrive damaged or damp. If this is the case, contact your seed supplier immediately for resolution. When handling cannabis seeds, make sure to clean your hands and avoid touching them with metal objects as these could cause damage.

Next, carefully prepare a warm potting mix and moisten it with distilled water or rainwater until it feels like a damp paper towel. This provides optimal environmental conditions for the germination of cannabis seeds. Place each individual seed on top of the soil and lightly press down so that it’s just covered by soil. Finally, keep the environment humid and provide plenty of light at different stages of development for your marijuana plant. This can help ensure successful growth!

What Does The Weight Of A Cannabis Seed Indicate?

The size, shape, and color of cannabis seeds can give you a clue regarding their germination rate. But what does the weight of a cannabis seed indicate? Is it important for growers to know how much individual cannabis seeds weigh? The answer is yes, understanding the physical characteristics of your cannabis seeds helps you determine whether or not they will be viable in the future.

Some research shows that certain weights produce higher levels of beneficial compounds in cannabis plants. For instance, heavier marijuana buds tend to contain larger amounts of anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic elements which provide medicinal benefits when smoked or eaten as edibles. This makes sense considering that heavier weed strains usually have bigger flowers due to increased exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors.

All in all, weighing individual cannabis seeds provides valuable insight into their viability and quality as well as helps growers select strains best suited for producing high concentrations of desirable cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Feminized Seeds Vs Autoflowering Seeds: Do They Look Different?

When it comes to choosing marijuana seeds, there are two main types: feminized and auto-flowering seeds. Feminized seeds come from female plants that have been feminized via various techniques in order to produce exclusively female plants without the risk of hermaphrodite marijuana plants. These methods include using colloidal silver or a potassium solution sprayed onto the plant at certain stages of its growth.

The result is a seed pack filled with 95-99% female plants upon germination, ensuring more efficient use of space when growing your own crop. A visual inspection will likely not be able to tell whether a seed is feminized or not, as they all look quite similar.

Autoflowering seeds, on the other hand, come from male and female parents who have both been genetically modified so that their offspring can flower regardless of light cycle changes. If you’re looking for convenience, then auto-flowering strains could be right up your alley since they don’t need any special attention during planting out. RQS soil plugs work perfectly for them!

The key difference between feminized and auto-flowering seeds lies in what stage they begin flowering at. While feminized strains usually start flowering after around 5 weeks (depending on the strain), auto-flowering varieties usually flower within 4 weeks once reaching the seedling stage, no matter how much light exposure they get.

Stripes On Cannabis Seeds: What Do They Indicate?

Here are three key elements to understanding cannabis seed stripes:

  • The number of stripes can tell you where the seed was sourced from, as different seed banks often leave their own unique mark on their seeds. This is especially true if you get your cannabis seeds online or through mail order. Hemp seed oil is usually used in this process, leaving behind its signature color when applied to each individual seed.
  • The thickness of the stripes may also show whether or not the cannabis strain will grow well indoors or outdoors, depending on how strong the markings are. Generally speaking, thicker stripes mean better growth performance under fluorescent lights than those with thinner lines, which should be grown outside in natural light instead. 
  • Different colors within the same line could suggest something regarding the growth period. Darker shades could point toward shorter periods while lighter hues might hint at longer ones instead. Additionally, some plants may need more soil medium moisture during their germination stage than others do, which is likely indicated by various colors along one single stripe as well.

Buy The Best Cannabis Seeds Online

If the thought of growing your own cannabis plants has crossed your mind, then you may be wondering where to buy the best cannabis seeds online. If you live in the United States, you can buy quality seeds online from United Seeds. We have a wide variety of weed strains with different THC levels and CBD content depending on what you’re looking for! 

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